Bbot can configure routing so that the orders are addressed promptly, and both staff and guests are alerted by any order status progression.

How it Works


Order and Pay

Order and pay from anywhere on your mobile device.



The Catering Manager accepts orders that come in.



Notify guests when their order is ready via email.

Set up tailored alerts to communicate with your guests.

Guests will see a progress bar that updates in real time to keep them apprised of approval and order status. Post-order text messages can be dynamically filled with order details and restaurant support information.

Catering manager workflows, simplified.

The information that is collected from the patron is fully configurable by the operator. The notification to staff includes an order summary and response link to centralize pertinent information.

Configurable menus to manage large format items.

Easily add and edit catering menus to sell bulk items. Include as many modifiers as needed to make the guest facing menus quick and simple for ordering.


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