A handheld that brings the terminal wherever you are.

Don’t let your unique setup stop you from getting business and gaining revenue. The Bbot handheld allows servers to access “hard to serve” areas of the establishment, while providing a mobile chip reader for guests to use right at the table.

Help your servers upsell.

Staff can make upsell recommendations by viewing what guests already have in their cart, and easily add food and drinks to a guest’s order by using Bbot’s handheld, as opposed to going back and forth between table and terminal.

Increase server mobility.

“Hard to Serve” areas are now a thing of the past with the handheld, as servers can bring this device with them wherever they go within the venue.

Process payments anywhere.

Guests no longer need to wait for the server to bring and take the bill; with a mobile chip reader, guests can pay at the table the moment they’re ready to check out.


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